Let it rain


‘The Rainmaker’ at Gloucester Stage


GLOUCESTER – I almost didn’t go to see The Rainmaker when it opened at Gloucester Stage last weekend. But I’m very glad I changed my mind and went to see this classic American play by N. Richard Nash.

Written in the early 1950s, The Rainmaker is easily the best known of Nash’s plays. Some may remember the 1956 film adaptation starring Burt Lancaster and Katherine Hepburn. But although it has been revived frequently on stage, many have never seen it. Under the skillful direction of Artistic Director Robert Walsh, Gloucester Stage is bringing this uplifting work to a whole new audience.
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The long July Fourth holiday weekend was a source of fun and enjoyment for most of us. For one local family, it also produced an authentic hero.

Broadway resident and Wakefield High School teacher Erin Chrisos, her husband Steve and their two children, three and-a-half-year-old Noah and one-month-old Fiona were on vacation in Old Orchard Beach last week with Erin’s parents and her younger brother, Wakefield Police Sergeant Thomas Flynn.

But at about 6:30 p.m. last Saturday, an otherwise peaceful vacation in Maine turned terrifying and chaotic for the Chrisos family.

“My one month-old daughter vomited and began to choke,” Erin says. “Every parent’s worse nightmare is realizing your child is not breathing.”

But thanks to his police training, Tom Flynn knew what to do and took charge of the situation.
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To get you in the mood for Wakefield‘s 2017 July 4th Independence Day Parade, check out these PHOTOS FROM THE 2008-2016 PARADES.

See you at the Parade!

Parade of days


A thought occurred to me while anticipating the Wakefield July Fourth Parade. As important as Independence Day is, it overshadows other early summer observances that just don’t get the respect they deserve. It’s like having a birthday on Christmas. Nobody notices.

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The cold, driving rain may have kept attendance down but nothing could dampen the spirits of hundreds who turned out Friday evening for the opening ceremonies of the Relay For Life of Wakefield.

As attendees gathered under as huge tent in the center of the track at Northeast Metro Tech, organizers braved the pouring rain to present an abbreviated opening ceremony for the 18th annual Relay For Life of Wakefield to remember loved ones lost, honor survivors of all cancers and raise money to help the American Cancer Society make a global impact on cancer.
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Love is a drug


“The Effect” at Gloucester Stage


Is there really such a thing as love? Or is it all just a matter of brain chemistry?

That is a question explored in The Effect, a play by Lucy Prebble at Gloucester Stage through July 8. But it’s far from the only question. The play also deals with issues related to trust, perception (its causes and effects), as well as depression and the ability – or perhaps lack thereof – of antidepressant drugs to improve lives.

The play also comes with a bit of star power. Academy Award nominee Lindsay Crouse plays Dr. Lorna James, a research psychologist hired by Dr. Toby Sealey (Saturday Night Live alum Brad Hall) to help him conduct a controlled drug test on a new anti-depressant.
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Right on the heels of the plastic bags crisis, the latest issue to rock Wakefield is what name we should use for the town’s executive body. For the past 370 years, “Board of Selectmen” has done quite nicely, but no more. The position contains the word “man” (and in the plural, “men”). In 2017, this oppressive patriarchy simply will not stand.

The Board of Selectmen (for now) discussed the issue at their meeting on Monday. The current board has five men and two women. There have in the past been as many as three women on the board. The word “man” or “men” in the title of the office was apparently not an issue until now.

Not surprisingly, towns in Vermont have been among the first to switch to the gender-neutral term, “Selectboard,” which sounds a little like a choice piece of lumber. That works fine, since two-by-fours generally aren’t very sexy.
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