Mark Sardella is a writer and a photographer living in the Boston area.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 marion cooper


  2. 2 Red Joe

    Wow! Is that THE Marion Cooper?

  3. 3 Barney and Nancy Hoop

    Hello Mark,

    Just a friendly greeting from a couple of friendly former Wakefield residents, now relocated to the “distant Down East,” i.e., Kittery ME.

    We’ve noticed your recent honor as a Sweetser Lecturer, as well as your regular coverage of the Series speaking events.

    In our new location, we’ve begun helping to organize a similar Lecture Series under the sponsorship of the Portsmouth NH UU church (known and South Church).

    This is just an inquiry to you about how the Sweetser Lecture Series is organized. Specifically: Are the Sweetser Lectures broadcast live on local access or webcast? Are the Lectures usually recorded (video or audio) for later broadcasting/webcasting, transcribing/archiving? If so, what are your procedures for obtaining permission/release from speakers? Is there a source of all titles and speakers of Sweetser Lectures given since inception of the series?

    We’ve just begun to look at different models of community lecture series, to get some idea of formats and subjects of potential interest.

    Any thoughts or insights you might wish to share would be most welcome.

    With best wishes,

    Barney and Nancy

    PS: Have fond recollections of sharing with you a “Guest Column” in “the other” local newspaper 🙂

  4. 4 Marla Rufo-Pellegrino


    I was just looking up Hope Dillaway…Miss Hope. She was my kindergarten teacher and my inspiration to be a teacher. I wrote to her about it some years ago and she was nice enough to write back…and she remembered my two older siblings whan they also had her as a teacher. What a wonderful woman. I didn’t have the pleasure of going to the Studio for school. At the time 1966? she was teaching in the basement of a church on Water Street. It was many years ago, but I remember how we were all ‘star’ students. I wondered what ever happened to her self portrait that once hung in the town library mant years ago?

    It was sad to see her house demolished….

  5. 5 Earl Christpher

    Enjoyed your articles on Wakefield. My son found your web site and sent it to me.
    I grew up in Wakfield, WHS Class of 49. Later married and raised our family in Lynnfield. We are now retired in Florida and are always happy to read anything about Wakefield..

    I knew several Sardella’s, lived on West Water St. Reggie, great WHS football player. He did graduate studies at Tufts when I was an undergrad. We met there several times. Leo, about my age, and we were drafted about the same time and met at Fort Dix. Are you related to Reggie or Leo?


  6. 6 Mike

    I came across your website trying to find some info about Toody’s. I grew up in Melrose and I remember going to the old Toody’s. I began working over on Audubon Road in April and occasionally went to the Toody’s that opened up where the old Daddys Donuts was. I went by the other day and they are apparently closed. Phone number not in service but website up with no mention of closing. Anyone have any info? I mean it definitely was not as good as the old location but still wasn’t too bad. I gave up on the meatball subs (not even close to the same) but their italians were excellent. I was wondering if it was another case of inheritors not putting in the effort and just wanting the check. The place was staffed by twenty somethings behind the counter and immigrants in the kitchen so I don’t know what Canto was talking about when hiring local. Again, any info would be great. Thanks

  7. 7 Rocco Guarnagia

    Hi Mark, it’s good to see your name in print and that you are working towards replacing the World War II Memorial. I was glad to see a response from Marion and Red Joe too. I hope that all is well with all of you guys. Still here in Walpole, that is the town of course, not the prison. Still riding my motorcycle with Jim & Skip after all of these years. Would love to hear from you, we’re in the book.
    Best wishes, Rocco G.

  8. 8 rick robbins

    Rick Robbins here
    I get to read some of your work and really enjoy it.
    Was home for the 4th and got to see some of the locals from WHS
    Being I am somewhat computer illiterate (old jock) is there a way I can
    follow you and your words with an easier method than having to google you?


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