In Wakefield, Massachusetts
After 10 long months of public hearings, dozens of letters to the editor, lawsuits and even protests in Wakefield Square, the Zoning Board of Appeals on July 29 approved three Special Permits that will allow Shelter Development to construct a 130-unit Brightview Senior Living facility on Crescent Street in Wakefield, MA. The project plans call for 69 assisted living units and 61 independent living units.

grenierIt remains to be seen if the decision will be appealed in Superior Court. After the meeting attorney Alan Grenier, who represents Andrea Sullivan of 12 Crescent St. in opposing the project, said that he would have to discuss the possibility of an appeal with his client.

There is a 20-day appeal period that begins when the ZBA’s written decision is filed with the Town Clerk. It could take as long as a month for the official decision to be written. It will then be reviewed by ZBA chairman David Hatfield before being filed with the Town Clerk.
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Project Healing Waters

“Fly fishing never takes you to an ugly place,” says Wakefield’s Joe Cresta, who runs a local chapter of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, a national program that helps disabled veterans heal through the sport of fly fishing.

Fly fishing, Cresta points out, usually involves places like mountains, rivers and lakes.
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‘The New Electric Ballroom’ runs through August 15

Enda Walsh’s The New Electric Ballroom, currently at Gloucester Stage is not a conventional play and therefore may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re up for a bit of a challenge, the rewards of this dark comedy are many.

The setting is a tiny island village off the coast of Ireland, in a cottage where three sisters have isolated themselves for the last four decades. Their self-imposed confinement is the aftereffect of the two older sisters’ traumatic experience 40 years ago, when their romantic hopes and aspirations were dashed on the same night by a visiting rock god after a concert at the local dance hall, the New Electric Ballroom.
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If anyone wants an example of a civic group having a positive impact on the town, they need look no further than last July 4.

After more than a year of determined, hard work, the new Wakefield Independence Day Committee and its team of volunteers resurrected the largest Independence Day Parade in the state and in doing so brought back a Wakefield tradition for current and hopefully for future generations to come.
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Fear Factor


grenier“Your decision will decide if Wakefield becomes more like Medford or more like Lynnfield,” attorney Alan Grenier warned the Zoning Board of Appeals last week.

Grenier had asked for and was granted an opportunity to present to the Zoning Board the opposition case against building the 130-unit Brightview Senior Living facility proposed on Crescent Street. Grenier’s client is Andrea Sullivan, who lives at 12 Crescent St.

The size and density of the proposed Brightview project, Grenier maintained, was more in character with the city of Medford than the upscale Lynnfield.

Grenier also suggested that with units priced in excess of $5,000 per month, few people from Wakefield would be able to afford to move into Brightview’s local facility.
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With the opioid addiction problem at epidemic levels, knowing what to do in the event of an overdose is more important than ever.

Area residents recently had an opportunity to learn what to do in the event of an opiate overdose and to receive training in the use of Narcan, a drug that can reverse an opiate overdose in a matter of minutes if given in time.
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Gloucester Stage‘s current production, Out of Sterno, is unlike any comedy you’ve seen, and one that you’re almost guaranteed to like.

sterno_dotty-hamelWhile teetering on the edge of theater of the absurd, Deborah Zoe Laufer’s play hangs on to just enough realism to make the audience believe in and care about its central character, Dotty, who lives up to the dictionary definition of her name as “amiably eccentric.”

Dotty (played by a brilliant Amanda Collins) lives happily in a cluttered, junk-strewn apartment in the city of Sterno with her husband, the dangerously sexy bad boy, Hamel (Noah Tuleja). For the seven years of their marriage, Hamel has forbidden Dotty to leave the apartment or to speak to anyone, even her family.
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