Last year, he got Boston Bruins great Terry O’Reilly to participate in the Wakefield Independence Day Parade. So why not shoot for the moon this year, right?

Brian Fox, who books the non-musical acts for the parade, is hoping to get the greatest quarterback in NFL history to be part of the biggest Fourth of July parade in the state this year.

But will he succeed in bringing Tom Brady to Wakefield on July 4, 2017?
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So you thought that the idea of a parking garage on the town-owned lot between and behind the Cooperative Bank and Jeffrey’s Package Store was as dead as Parke Snow’s or The Armory?

Think again.

The Selectmen at their last meeting talked about reviving the possibility, noting that parking hasn’t gotten any easier in the downtown since the original plan to build a garage went down in flames. Several of them say that they’ve been hearing from residents who wonder if the parking garage proposal might be revived in some form.


The first parking garage idea came out of Shelter Development’s original proposal to build a Brightview Senior Living assisted living/memory care facility on Crescent Street. The town wanted the project to include independent living units, in hopes it would help with downtown economic development. The town offered to convey to Shelter an unused lot behind The Savings Bank’s ATM kiosk if Shelter would agree to include independent living as part of their project and build, at their own expense, a parking garage with spaces for public use.
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danielle_resha2Danielle Resha of Salem Street in Wakefield came by her Super Bowl tickets the old fashioned way: she worked for them. Actually, she won them. But to do so, she had to pull her own weight – literally.

The 2011 Wakefield High School graduate and hard-core Patriots fan entered “The Live ULTRA Pull-Up Challenge” sponsored by Michelob ULTRA yesterday in Boston. Men and women in the Boston and Atlanta areas were invited to visit the designated gym location in their city and showcase their physical fitness by completing as many pull-ups as possible in 95 seconds – the same number of calories found in a Michelob ULTRA. The male and female in each market who completed the most pull-ups won a VIP trip to Houston for Super Bowl LI.
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157 candles



Today would be Curtis Guild’s birthday.

Who the hell is Curtis Guild, you ask?

How soon we forget. He was a three-term Massachusetts governor, from 1906 to 1909.

If you’ve never heard the name Curtis Guild, apparently you’re so confused by the striping on the Route 129 Rotary that you’ve never taken a right onto Haverhill Street where you’ll shortly come upon Camp Curtis Guild, a Massachusetts curtis_guild_jrNational Guard camp named after the former governor.

Curtis Guild, Jr. was born in Boston on Feb. 2, 1860, so he would be 157 years old today. Unfortunately, he came up about a century short. He didn’t even live to see his 56th birthday, dying on April 6, 1915.

But he led an interesting life.

Curtis Guild, Jr. was a blueblood’s blueblood, a Yankee’s Yankee. His mother, Sarah Crocker, could trace her ancestry back to a Revolutionary War veteran. His father, Curtis Guild, Sr., was descended from John Guild, who settled Dedham in 1636.
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With the various measures they pass on the federal and state level, lawmakers come up with some interesting ideas when it comes to their own powers. They even think they can control the weather by passing climate regulations. (I wonder what the Supremacy Clause under Article VI of the Constitution says about the doctrine of preemption when it comes to the Laws of Nature vs. the Laws of Man.)

But not content with their dominion over three dimensions, some of our solons on Beacon Hill now want to extend their control over the fourth dimension – that of Time. (Rod Serling could not be reached for comment.)

You may have heard last week that the Massachusetts Senate has convened an 11-member special commission to study whether Massachusetts should go to daylight saving time year-round.
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WAKEFIELD — Wakefield veterans and their families have a strong new advocate.

karen_burkeKaren Burke took the position of Veterans Service Officer in December and the former Air Force flight nurse has hit the ground running in making sure that local veterans get the services they are entitled to.
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I want to state up front that this column may have been hacked by the Russians. So if you find anything objectionable, you know who to blame. (Snarky lot, those Ruskies.)

The New Year is known for lists. New Year’s columns typically feature lists of “bests” and “worsts” of the previous year. Predictions for the future and resolutions for the coming year are a dime a dozen at this time of year.

But a newspaper’s role is to set the agenda for local issues, encourage local economic growth and foster a sense of identity within our local community. Or so I’m told. Sounds absolutely fascinating and I promise to get right on it. In the meantime, here’s a collection of random New Year’s observations.

Does anybody else think this year is really dragging?

I’ll never be able to find this new NBC Boston channel. I still turn on Channel 4 looking for Saturday Night Live. (Is SNL still on?)

My first question when I heard about Don Lemon’s drunken New Year’s Eve performance on CNN was, “Who the hell is Don Lemon?”

It’s been good to see all the new faces in the gym this week. It will be even better when they’re gone next week.

penny3If we get rid of the penny, what will all the penny pinchers do?

Where are they now: scary clowns.

If legalization isn’t going to make pot easier to get, why are potheads – excuse me – cannabis enthusiasts – hysterical about a six month-delay in retail sales?

I think I might watch the Presidential Inauguration this year. Does anybody know what channel it’s on?

I was born a Sagittarius, but I identify as a Taurus.

Where are they now: Pokemon Go.

Some people are actually posting questions on social media asking “What is being built between Main Street and Crescent Street.” Seriously, folks?

That was the last time you will read the word “folks” in one of my columns.

Today, a self-driving car pulled over and asked me for directions.

Over the weekend, a prankster in southern California changed the famous “Hollywood” sign to “Hollyweed.” And they say marijuana destroys ambition.

I just heard about ‘pho’ this week. So sar, I have no desire to try it. But I’ll keep you posted.

If you think higher education is expensive now, wait ‘til it’s free.

dollar_treeIf nothing else, the Dollar Tree store has provided a valuable community service with its $1 reading glasses.

Shouldn’t the self-timer on our cameras and phones be called a “selfie timer?” (That’s copyrighted, BTW.)

My smart phone’s text autocorrect does not have “autocorrect” in its dictionary. Maybe I need a smarter phone.

So I hope 2017 brings an end to this extraordinarily irritating fad of people starting every sentence with the word “so.”

And finally, С новым годом, everybody!

[This column originally appeared in the January 5, 2017 Wakefield Daily Item.]


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