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WAKEFIELD — During the holiday season, what could be more fun and exciting for the whole family than getting a Christmas tree?

How about having your Christmas tree delivered to your home in a sleigh pulled by Rudolph Truck with Santa’s Elf behind the wheel? That’s exactly what will happen if you get your tree from the lot at Designer Lawn Sprinkler Service at 64 North Ave., Wakefield, Mass. (Across from the Galvin Middle School).
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High priorities


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Wakefield voters got fooled once into voting for “medical” marijuana, falling for the scam along with the rest of the state in 2012.

safety_pin-fxBefore you get your safety pins out, let me remind you that medical marijuana was sold under the guise of helping the sick, and the people of Wakefield are compassionate. So I can give them a pass on that. I’ve never maintained that marijuana hasn’t ever helped any sick person, although I believe that such instances are extremely rare. It was a scam in the sense that the true purpose of legalizing medical marijuana was never to help the sick. It was to get a foot in the door for full legalization.

That’s become obvious to most people by now.
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If supporting the arts and local artists isn’t enough to get you to “Suburban Holidays,” Quannapowitt Players annual theater festival/fundraiser, how about an even better reason? It’s a damn good show!

“Suburban Holidays V” marks the fifth year that QP’s annual winter fundraiser has offered a festival of short plays with holiday themes. This year, two of the eight short plays were written by Wakefield residents (Patrick Cleary and Peter Cosmas Sofronas). Cleary and another Wakefield resident, Donna Corbett, share directing duties, and another Wakefieldian, Brian Sensale, stars in two of the plays.

The show gets off to a strong start with Secret Santa, a clever comedy written by Amanda O’Donnell of Bedford, Mass. and directed by Cleary.
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Call them the gang that couldn’t shoot straight – unless they’re aiming at their own foot. Then again, calling the Wakefield Civic League a “gang” probably overstates their numbers.

bronwyn-della-volpeYou have to feel a little sorry for the Wakefield Civic League, aka Bronwyn Della-Volpe. Everything they try to do seems to backfire on them.

Take her latest move. She applied to be appointed to the Bylaw Review Committee. Then once the Board of Selectmen decided to give her a chance and appointed her, she said, “Nevermind,” and rejected the position.
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red_poppyIt’s cool to be patriotic again.

It hit me at last week’s Veterans Day observance in Veterans Memorial Auditorium at the Galvin Middle School.

I sensed that something was different when I walked in and saw the huge crowd, many of them with red poppies in their lapels.

And not a single safety pin in sight!
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In the wake of this week’s exercise in democracy, members of the belt and shoelaces crowd have been consoling each other on social media by sharing ways to cope with their overwhelming stress by working to make our planet a better place before they give up and move to Canada.

Of course, none of these meaningful activities involve supporting veterans or law enforcement. So I’ve decided to rectify that. (I’m nothing if not helpful.)

blue_ribbonIf you’ve been through the downtown or Greenwood in the last few weeks, you’ve seen them, but you may not have known what they were all about – those big blue ribbons and bows hanging from signposts, utility poles and trees.

A few Saturdays ago, several dozen wives, family members, friends and supporters of local and state police went around and hung the blue ribbons as a show of support for the men and women in blue.

Such gestures never used to be necessary. It was an article of faith, a given, that people respected and appreciated the police.
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Surly voting


voting_manCall me old fashioned. Call me a slave to tradition.

But I’ll be voting on Tuesday, Nov. 8, on what used to be known as Election Day.
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