Morgan Flynn is living her dream.

The 2012 Wakefield Memorial High School graduate is the Directing Apprentice for the current season at Gloucester Stage, where she is getting to work directly with a series of professional theater directors, a job that she aspires to.

“I went to school thinking I wanted to be an actor and then I sort of found directing about halfway through,” Flynn says. “Directing, I just feel really at home.”
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Now that July 19 is behind us, can we finally admit that all the hand-wringing over the Special Election had nothing to do with it costing the town $10,000 and everything to do with politics and the person who filed for the Special Election?

After Phyllis Hull collected the 200 signatures needed to force the selectmen to call a Special Election, six people ran for a single nine-month term on the Board of Selectmen in a mid-summer election that people said was a waste of money.

Seldom have so many expended so much effort for so little.
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Things like the recent Independence Day celebration and the upcoming Festival Italia remind me that civic groups that actually do things are a lot more interesting (not to mention fun) than the ones that exist just air grievances and self-promote.

If it’s true that after July Fourth, the summer flies by, then why do I have the feeling that we’re in for a long, hot summer? vote071916

At least we have the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to look forward to.

Not to mention our own Special Election on July 19.

Speaking of summer, since the Olde Towne Team has managed to get to the All Star break still in contention, is there any way that Wright and Porcello can pitch every other day?

And speaking of the local nine, why don’t baseball teams have cheerleaders – or hockey teams, for that matter.

lewis_headcharlie_baker2Not that Senator Jason Lewis and Governor Charlie Baker care, but I’m willing to be a one-issue voter as long as they oppose marijuana legalization.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still think of cops as the good guys.
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Deborah Zoe Laufer’s comedy ‘The Last Schwartz’ at Gloucester Stage



GLOUCESTER — The Last Schwartz, by Deborah Zoe Laufer is a play about family ties – the ones that bind, the ones that bend and the ones that break.

In the opening scene, Herb Schwartz’s wife Bonnie (Brianne Beatrice) is describing to family members an Oprah episode about the strongest family tie imaginable, that of conjoined Siamese twins. Bonnie relates how on the show the twin girls each express their hopes and dreams. One wants to be a doctor. The other wants to be a mother and have a family.

But when the twins add that they would never want to be surgically separated, neither Oprah nor her studio audience betrays that their goals are unattainable.
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The campaign to oppose a likely question on the Nov. 6 election ballot seeking to legalize marijuana for recreational use is picking up steam, as State Senator Jason Lewis appeared before the Board of Selectmen on Monday to present the case for voting “no” on recreational pot.

marijuana_plantLewis headed a year-long study by a committee of Massachusetts lawmakers on the impact of legalizing recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. Based on everything that he learned, Lewis said that he is strongly opposed to the ballot measure that will likely go before voters in November seeking to legalize marijuana for recreational use and allow it to be sold commercially.

Lewis has joined the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts, a bipartisan effort to oppose recreational marijuana. The campaign is spearheaded by Gov. Charlie Baker, Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and Boston mayor Marty Walsh.
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Imagine, if you can, the following conversation over the backyard fence between neighbors Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones.

Mr. Smith: I just found out my house has termites. What should I do?

Mr. Jones: Bring in some carpenter ants. They’re no worse than termites.

Mr. Smith: What a fantastic idea!

Of course, that conversation is absurd and would ever actually take place. But it’s exactly the type of tortured “logic” that the marijuana industry and legalization advocates expect us to swallow.

“Marijuana is no worse than alcohol, and alcohol is legal so you have to legalize marijuana,” they say.

No, actually we don’t.
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WAKEFIELD — With Lake Quannapowitt as the backdrop, Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan stood shoulder to shoulder with a host of local officials yesterday to convey a life-saving message about water safety this summer.

And to hammer the point home, the Wakefield Fire Department conducted a simulated drowning rescue, swimming far out into the Lake to save a “victim” and deliver her to waiting Action Ambulance EMTs.

Ryan noted that in Middlesex County there are 136 lakes and ponds and 22 rivers.

sullivan_smith_ryan“They offer many opportunities for recreational activity,” Ryan observed, “but all too often that fun turns to tragedy in accidents that could have and should have been avoided.”

Ryan cited a Centers for Disease Control report that from 2005 to the present, 10 people died every single day in swimming or some other water-related incidents (not including boating). Of those, she said, 5,000 were children.

“This is what we’re trying to avoid as we go into the summer,” she said.
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