To paraphrase the late, great Dan Hicks, “How can we miss them when they won’t go away?”

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the Post Office on Saturday morning, they’re back like a bad penny – or three or four of them. The Wakefield Civic League, those guardians of our local democracy, have returned to lecture us on the true meaning of government transparency.

What outrageous scandal has prompted their latest sermon?
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We all know how social media has affected our own lives. We see it every time we check Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and a host of new networks springing up every day. Even those who have succeeded in resisting social media can’t avoid it entirely.

But how is social media impacting the corporate world?

catherine_turcoWakefield native Catherine Turco decided to find out.

In her new book, The Conversational Firm: Rethinking Bureaucracy in the Age of Social Media, she looks at how one company adopted the open communications of social media as a model for its organizational structure.
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Have you looked at a calendar lately? It’s Aug. 18 already! Wasn’t the July Fourth Parade was just last weekend?


Summer’s slipping away, and we are rapidly approaching the point where even Daylight Saving Time will not be able to stave off the encroaching night. Even Saturday’s Festival Italia will conclude in darkness.


But if you’re like most people (and after all, who isn’t?) you still haven’t done most of the activities on your summer to-do list.

As for me, I didn’t make a list of things to do this summer. That’s what the internet is for. So with two weeks to go until Labor Day weekend, I figured I’d better Google a list of recommended summer activities and see where I stand.
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High resolution


This week, the Wakefield Board of Selectmen passed a resolution opposing the legalization of marijuana, dealing a devastating blow to the local Cannabis Community.

On the bright side, most of them were too high to notice.

Dude, don’t the selectmen know that people have a Constitutional right to smoke weed? The Constitution was written on hemp paper, so its like, literally in the Constitution, man.

With arguments like that, how can Question 4 on the Nov. 8 ballot possibly lose?
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Fine print


Lately, I don’t feel like my week is complete until I’ve been lectured by a millennial about one thing or another. Usually it’s about the evil of plastic bags or how many genders there are or how the Founding Fathers all smoked hemp, dude.

The usual venue for these sermons is social media, where I’m about as popular as a mosquito at the Olympics.

Recently, I was informed for about the 7 millionth time that young people don’t read newspapers.

Stop the presses, as we used to say in the dinosaur print medium.

It usually happens after someone expresses horror over hearing about some new development in town. Things quickly go downhill after I gently and politely point out that this “sudden” change has been in the news for months.
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Morgan Flynn is living her dream.

The 2012 Wakefield Memorial High School graduate is the Directing Apprentice for the current season at Gloucester Stage, where she is getting to work directly with a series of professional theater directors, a job that she aspires to.

“I went to school thinking I wanted to be an actor and then I sort of found directing about halfway through,” Flynn says. “Directing, I just feel really at home.”
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Now that July 19 is behind us, can we finally admit that all the hand-wringing over the Special Election had nothing to do with it costing the town $10,000 and everything to do with politics and the person who filed for the Special Election?

After Phyllis Hull collected the 200 signatures needed to force the selectmen to call a Special Election, six people ran for a single nine-month term on the Board of Selectmen in a mid-summer election that people said was a waste of money.

Seldom have so many expended so much effort for so little.
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