Dock Rescue


April 12 is now officially the earliest date that I have physically entered a body of water in the state of Massachusetts. It is a personal record that I hope will never be broken.

yard_workIt was a perfect spring day for yard work, warm and dry. That’s exactly what I was – warm and dry – until I happened to look down at the pond. What I saw demanded my immediate attention.

My damaged wooden dock, slated to be replaced before summer, was in danger of floating away. Tied to land by a rope, the board that had the cleat attached had disintegrated and broken off. The dock was literally hanging on by a splinter. If it broke off completely, there would be nothing preventing what was left of the dock from drifting away and becoming a giant piece of floating pond trash. I did not want to be that kind of neighbor.
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Twilight Zoning


wakefield_center-eastWell, as it stands right now, there will not be a parking garage in downtown Wakefield, Massachusetts and based on recent developments, you might want to hold off on that down payment on an assisted living unit.

It’s been anything but dull in our sleepy little town over the last few weeks.

There’s blame being cast left and right, but in reality what we just witnessed was little more than a good old-fashioned political slugfest. Each side has accused the other of being disingenuous and playing fast and loose with the facts. Are those kinds of charges unusual in a heated political debate?

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[Wakefield Daily Item, April 3, 2014]
selectmen_debate2014With the exception of the town’s handling of the Quinn Bill, there was little disagreement during Tuesday night’s debate between the three candidates vying for two seats on the Board of Selectmen in the April 22 Town Election. The forum was moderated by William Carroll with questions posed to the candidates by Wakefield Daily Item reporter Mark Sardella.

Betsy Sheeran of 27 Spruce St. is running for a fourth term on the board, while fellow incumbent selectman Patrick S. Glynn of 30 Coolidge Park is seeking a third three-year term. Challenger Roland A. Cote of 9 Bartley St. said that the main reason he was running was to address what he saw as the town’s mishandling of the Quinn Bill that provides salary increases for police officers for educational attainments.
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[Wakefield Daily Item, March 25, 2014]

garage_forum_crowdBetween 150 and 200 local residents packed The Savings Bank Theater at Wakefield High School on Monday, March 24 for a forum on a proposal to build a downtown parking garage in conjunction with an assisted living facility.

The evening was evenly divided between presentations by town officials and questions from the public. Selectman Brian Falvey handled the bulk of the formal presentation for the first 90 minutes with a panel of town officials adding specific input on aspects of the project.
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Starting July 1
AshtrayStarting July 1, you won’t be able to buy cigarettes or any other tobacco products in Wakefield, Massachusetts if you are less than 21 years old. The Board of Health voted to amend local regulations this week by raising the age for purchasing tobacco from 18 to 21. The board’s unanimous vote came after a public hearing that included testimony from advocates for and against the change.
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It depends on who you askhiker_snow10

Downtown Wakefield is changing, in case you haven’t noticed or have been hibernating under a rock somewhere for the last few months, in which case you could hardly be blamed given the winter that thankfully officially ended at 12:57 p.m. on March 20.

In any case, the downtown area is changing, which is nothing new, really. There used to be parking spaces in the middle of Main Street. I’m frankly a little surprised that that idea hasn’t been floated to solve the downtown parking problem.

There also were once trolley tracks in the center of Main Street. Maybe returning to that would cut down on the number of cars trying to park in the square.

Businesses come and businesses go and nail salons move in. As long as they pay their rent and taxes, why should anyone really care?
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[Wakefield Daily Item, March 17, 2014]

lewis_medeirosThe two candidates vying for the Massachusetts State Senate seat formerly held by now Congressman Katherine Clark squared off last week in an 80 minute debate at Wakefield’s WCAT studios.

Clear differences emerged between the Democrat, State Rep. Jason Lewis of Winchester, and Republican Monica Medeiros, an Alderman and former School Committee member from Melrose, as the candidates faced questions from representatives of the local press including the Wakefield Daily Item and the Melrose Weekly News.
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